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Ultra-Portable 10.6W Solar Charger Standard USB Output for All Phones, iPad, Power bank and other Devices – Cheap – Mobile Sale

Ultra-Portable 10.6W Solar Charger Standard USB Output for All Phones, iPad, Power bank and other Devices

  • Ultra POWERFUL: SunPower® Solar Cell, BEST ON MARKET; up to 23.5%-25% conversion, can fully charge most smart phones within 2 hours.
  • Ultra PORTABLE: 1mm thick, 6.35oz, 6.3″ x 9.7″ folded (book size), free to be carried around.
  • Ultra RELIABLE: excellent WEATHER RESISTANCE, leading-edge Waterproof and Flame-resistant.
  • Ultra DURABLE: 10000+ times folding test approval, 15+ Years service life.
  • Smart Controller: STABLE Voltage output in variable light condition to avoid damages to battery.

-The world’s most trustworthy solar panel:
made of Sunpower Solar Cell, the world’s best solar cell on the market
laminated with ETFE, an incredible magic material, excellent weather resistance, leading-edge waterproof and flame-resistance.

Solar Panels: Go Green, Stay Connected!
Charge with the power of the sun, enjoying the clean and unlimited power.
When you’re out enjoying the great outdoors, enjoy another perk: free limitless power. Simply spread out the solar panels or attach to your pack to start recharging your gadgets.

Charging port output: DC 5V 2.1A MAX

The direct sunlight quality plays a key role in determining the speed of charge. Cloudy days, the solar charger being positioned behind a glass window (car windscreen has the UV filter function to reduce the sunlight power dramatically) and placed not perpendicular to the sunlight will all increase the time need to charge the gadget. All charging figures above are under optimum condition
To ensure a pleasant usage, we suggest users charge a power bank to store energy generated.

iPhone and iPad is highly sensitive to the fluctuation of input power. As designed, they will automatically stop charging when sensing fluctuation of input power and will not reboot afterwards. So, WE DO NOT RECOMMEND TO CHARGE iPhone or iPad DIRECTLY!!!

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