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Centopi iPhone 7 Plus Tempered Glass Screen Protector [2 Pack] – Sale Item – Mobile Sale

Centopi iPhone 7 Plus Tempered Glass Screen Protector [2 Pack]

  • 0.3mm tempered glass screen protector for the Apple iPhone 7 Plus; with full 3D touch and multi-touch compatibility.
  • 9H hardness anti-scratch, shatter proof glass is used in all Centopi screen protectors to provide the best protection for your screen against scratches and drops.
  • An oleophobic coating has been applied to the tempered glass in order to form a long lasting barrier against finger prints and smudges.
  • Offering zero interference with your iPhone 7 Plus’s touchscreen; each Centopi tempered glass screen protector feature a high response time and transparency for ease of use.
  • Package contains: 2x Tempered Glass Screen Protectors, 2x Microfibre Cloths, 2x Alcoholic Preparation Pads, 2x Dust Absorbing Film and 4x Guide Stickers.

iPhone 7 Plus Tempered Glass Screen Protector (Twin Pack) by Centopi

You’ve just bought a brand new Apple iPhone 7 Plus; the last thing you want is for the screen to get scratched, smudged, dirty, or cracked… So take extra care and ensure you are fully protected with a tempered glass screen protector from Centopi.

Anti-Scratch, Anti-Shatter

In order to best protect your iPhone 7 Plus’s touchscreen, we use only the best tempered glass with a 9H hardness rating which means that Centopi screen protectors are virtually impossible to scratch. In addition, Centopi screen protectors are designed so they do not shatter in the event of a drop, to better protect your iPhone 7 Plus’s screen from damage.

Fingerprint & Smudge Resistant

All Centopi tempered glass screen protectors are coated with an oleophobic layer in order to provide an in-built resistance to fingerprints, smudges and other oily markings. Thanks to this coating, cleaning the screen cover is a simple as giving it a quick once over with a microfibre cloth.

Ultra Responsive, Fully Transparent

Being a mere 0.3mm thick, these iPhone 7 Plus tempered glass screen protectors are capable of providing superb protection without interfering with the responsiveness of the touchscreen or the crystal clear clarity of the display.

Package Contents:

• 2x Tempered Glass Screen Protectors
• 2x Microfibre Cloths
• 2x Alcoholic Preparation Pads
• 2x Dust Absorbing Film
• 4x Guide Stickers

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